About Us

"You have to change the set, stay ahead of the curve." 

Carson Daly

Kwenta Media is a flourishing media and publishing house which has its centre of gravity embedded in conventional and customised publishing, including corporate communications. We execute by blending strategy with innovation and, in doing so, create ground-breaking talking symbols that ignite all five senses through seamless marketing and impressionable media solutions.


We offer a 360° multimedia vision that places you and your brand clearly in the sights of existing and new clients, with an emphasis on through-the-line positioning. Kwenta Media builds its timeless brand through innovative and creative methodology. We have the resources to develop, position and expand brands through digital, print and outdoor platforms.

At Kwenta Media we create, connect and converse through cost-effective media products and solutions. Research is the cornerstone of all our media, marketing and communication strategies.  We create solutions that collectively speak for themself by producing results. We build and expand brands through innovation, knowledge and understanding…


  • We create the difference through coherent and compelling content.

  • We are bold, dynamic and enterprising.

  • We connect and engage through new and relevant conversations.

  • We revitalise stagnant brands through an infusion of fresh ideas.

  • We provide a personal service.

  • We are on the front burner of shifting trends, taking cognisance of the interplay between current and future influences.

  • We align people and brands with the intended target market.


Kwenta Media’s distinguishable services and products are based on quality, exceptional customer service and tangible added value. We have the proven dexterity to build, elevate, maintain and sustain brands seamlessly through new, innovative and ingenious multi-dimensional applications – a synthesis of creative cognition and technology.